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TailGater, the simple, safe and easy way to transport your 20lb, 30lb and 40lb propane tanks.

No bolts, connectors or drilling required!

Easily removed after each use, rolled up and stored! 


The Original Tailgater (Made in China) is designed for pre-2012 Pickups.  $17 plus S&H


Tailgater 2 (Made in the USA) is designed for ALL model pickups and also the newer 40lb propane tanks. This model is now available...$19.95 plus S&H.


Ever wondered what would happen if you had to suddenly brake very hard to avoid a collision while transporting your propane tank in your pickup? Simply tieing the tank down with a bungee, or in some sort of base will NOT prevent the tank from flying through your back window, or worse, exploding.




So give yourself peace of mind by knowing that tank behind you is SECURE.

Built with 1200lb breaking strain webbing!

Designed and built by a full-time RV'er to solve the problem of transporting your 20lb, 30lb or 40lb tanks, whether just down the road to the propane fill station, or on the road. No more bungees, milkcrates, ropes or wires! No bolts or drilling!
Please note: 
SALE on in-stock Tailgaters to fit pre-2012 pickups!! $17
Original TailGater or Tailgater 2 can be ordered online on this site. Please go to the BUY NOW button. If you have ANY problems with this site, please contact me at sasteve49@gmail.com or call 435-669-3094.
Thank You and Safe Travels,
Steve Woodford.      Scroll down for reviews and comments...And please note that the comments concerning the Original Tailgater not fitting the later model pickups HAS been addressed with the Tailgater 2.
comment posted by Charles B on 05-21-2016
Strap worked perfectly and did a perfect job with a 30 lb. bottle. The peace of mind was worth three times the price!!
comment posted by Diane on 04-03-2015
I bought this last year and have only used it a few times but it worked great. I wish it would have an option to be able to hook it to the tie down in my truck bed when the tailgate isn't convenient because of cargo. I would buy this again and recommend it to anyone who has to transport propane tanks.
comment posted by Roger Sayers on 01-17-2014
Please let us know when you have one that will fit the 2014 F250 Super Duty with the built in tailgate step. You have a fantastic product here. I've been hauling LPG tanks in my truck for years, and sure could of used this back then. So please keep us up to date.... Thanks
comment posted by PennyPA on 12-02-2013
This works fantastically! Even on a truck with a fiver tailgate. We tried it first by putting the tank in the corner where the tailgate is highest but the one strap tended to slide down so we put it at lowest (middle) section of tailgate and that tank didn't move! The directions say to make sure the short blue strap is on the tailgate side of the valve when you put it around the valve but you can't do it that way because you won't be able to ratchet the strap tight since there's not as much around the tailgate as normal. I am going to order 2 more for Christmas presents. Highly recommend.
comment posted by Penny on 09-28-2013
Would this also work on the plastic V fifth wheel tail gates?
comment posted by Joe Winter on 09-16-2013
great item and idea. I'm going to get one. Already had to deal with bungee not holdding secure enough. One of those items that you won't need too often but wish you had it when you do. Priced resonably also.
comment posted by Sandra Ridgway on 09-16-2013
Excellent item and idea will save so much worry on whether the tank is secure in transporting to home, so simple to use. Every tailgater should have one of these.
comment posted by Michael E. Rockwall, TX on 09-04-2013
No more than 2 weeks ago I was taking my 30 lb tank to be filled. It was in Tank Foot on bottom and bungie cord on top to secure it...sure enough had to make emergency stop and it fell over...even with Tank Foot on bottom! What a great idea! I'll pass this along to my fellow camping group members. We've all had similar issues trying to transport propane tanks!
comment posted by Janet and Gordon on 08-28-2013
I was forced to make an emergency stop the first time I used it and it held the tank tight as it is supposed to do
comment posted by John and Carol on 08-28-2013
We are full-timers and have spent the summer volunteering at a state park located at 10,000 foot elevation. Needless to say, we have to fill our propane tanks on a regular basis. We use the Tailgater tiedown strap to transport our tank to the propane dealer. The strap is easy to use, it securely holds the propane tank in place, and it stores conveniently.
comment posted by Casey H on 08-28-2013
I gave the strap to my son in Las Vegas,he loves it,he says so simple why didn't I think of that.
comment posted by Kristen Felder on 11-07-2010
I LOVE this product just got mine and can't wait to get more for Christmas gifts.
If your a camper or a grill master this is a great and safe way to transport your tanks.
comment posted by Wade. St.Louis on 05-14-2010
I bought 1. used it liked it bought another one for my daughter. Wish I would of thought of it.
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